Sponsoring MMAC’s First Annual Bioethics Conference

Banner from the MMAC 2017 conference

The Kidney Health Education and Research Group is proud to sponsor the Muslim Medical Association of Canada’s First Annual Bioethics Conference, at Hilton Garden Inn, Toronto on Sunday April 30th, 2017! The conference aims to provide healthcare practitioners in Canada with a review of common bio-ethical issues from an Islamic perspective that impact Muslim patients’ healthcare decisions.

The Kidney Health and Education Group embraces diversity within Canada. We are dedicated to understanding cultural differences in approaches to healthcare and working with patients to accommodate for their specific needs. Our previous studies have shown that South Asian Canadians, many of whom are Muslim, are about half as likely to receive living donor kidney transplant compared to Caucasians. Reduced access to living donor kidney transplant, that is the best treatment for end stage kidney disease, will likely result in poorer health outcomes. These observed inequities in access to living donor kidney transplant also constitute an ethical concern. The Kidney Health and Education Group seeks to partner with local community organizations such as the MMAC to understand the ethical dilemma of organ transplant from an Islamic perspective in order to develop programs designed to better address our patients’ needs.
We look forward to engaging with the Muslim healthcare community at the conference and do our part in helping Muslim patients suffering from kidney failure better understand the healthcare options available for them.
Learn more about the Islamic Bioethics Conference.

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