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The Kidney Health Education and Research Group focuses on enhancing kidney health, advancing collaborative care, and empowering communities through our research. Our ongoing research identifies psychosocial, behavioral and cultural factors that impact patients’ clinical outcomes and quality of life. We focus on asssessing barriers, particularly the ethnocultural, with the aim of producing culturally competent ways to enhance everybody’s access to kidney transplantation. Our research also leads to quality improvement projects targetting routine clinical practice.

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From its inception, our research group has produced many papers and publications investigating chronic kidney disease and transplantation. Many of our papers have been presented at conferences, in which we participate annually. Whether you’re a researcher, patient, or healthcare provider, our research may be helpful or insightful.
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Our research group is proud to collaborate with researchers from renowned institutions nationally and internationally. We invite collaborative opportunities and, if you are interested in collaborating, invite you to contact us at