Kidney Talk with Dixon Hall Neighbourhood Services

Kidney Talk with Dixon Hall Neighbourhood Services

On September 19th, 2019, the Dixon Hall Neighborhood Services hosted the Kidney Health Education and Research Group in an event aimed at raising awareness of kidney health, chronic kidney disease, and prevention in the Chinese community. The presentation was delivered in both English and Mandarin with the hopes of fostering a climate of inclusion with our Chinese community and to encourage more fruitful discussions about kidney health and living kidney donation.

We began the event by distributing a survey focusing on several aspects of kidney disease and organ donation. In collaboration with the Chinese Renal Association, our team also provided educational materials on kidney disease for the audience to read and discuss prior to the presentation.

Following the survey distribution, a presentation was held to talk about kidney health, chronic kidney disease, and prevention. Dr. Istvan Mucsi, a Transplant Nephrologist at the University Health Network, shared his expertise and knowledge of kidney health while discussing the current issues and barriers experienced by the Chinese population in accessing treatment for kidney failure. Eric Lui, a research student from Kidney Health Education and Research Group, was responsible for translating and interpreting the presentation into Mandarin and relayed the audience’s questions to Dr. Mucsi.

During the presentation, Dr. Mucsi highlighted the value of regular exercise, a healthy diet, and staying hydrated in the prevention of chronic kidney disease. Following the presentation, the audience was also given a platform to ask questions and discuss the presentation during a Q&A session. During this time, the audience brought up important questions about the signs and symptoms of kidney disease. Chronic kidney disease often shows no symptoms until it is at a severe stage, and Dr. Mucsi noted that it is important to make sure your family physician checks your kidney function once a year through blood and urine tests, and also monitors your blood pressure and blood sugar to make sure they stay in a healthy range. This is especially important for individuals who are at high risk of developing chronic kidney disease, such as individuals with diabetes, hypertension, and who have a family history of kidney disease.

Our Kidney Health Education and Research Group team was thrilled to participate in this event and have the privilege to advance the mission of eliminating cultural barriers to kidney transplant in the Chinese community. We are looking forward to working with the Dixon Hall Neighbourhood Services again soon!

Written by: Eric Lui

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