Event Held in Mississauga on The Gift of Life: Organ Donation and Kidney Transplantation in Islam

On Friday March 8th, 2019, the Sayeda Khadija Centre in Mississauga invited the Kidney Health Education and Research Group in collaboration with the Kidney Foundation of Canada to speak at an event on Organ Donation and Kidney Transplantation in Islam. The objective of the event was to raise awareness of kidney disease and kidney transplantation in the Muslim community and discuss Islamic perspectives on organ donation, as well as answer any questions attendees had about kidney donation.

The event started with a lecture by Dr. Hamid Slimi, the Imam and resident scholar at Sayeda Khadija Centre, who discussed Islamic perspectives on organ donation, emphasizing how the Quran encourages organ donation. Following Dr. Slimi’s presentation was Dr. Abdul Aziz Walele, a Nephrologist at Brampton Civic Hospital, who presented on the function of the kidneys, the impacts of their dysfunction, dialysis, and kidney transplants.
Transplant Nephrologist Dr. Istvan Mucsi then spoke about the prevalence of kidney disease in South Asian communities, the importance of kidney transplantation, and the significant benefits of living donor kidney transplantation. In addition, Dr. Mucsi also discussed the struggles of patients in finding a living kidney donor from their community.

The community was moved by two transplant recipients who spoke about their experiences. One presenter, a heart transplant recipient, shared the impact that receiving a heart transplant had on their life, and the other presenter shared their struggles during dialysis and how receiving a kidney transplant could significantly improve their quality of life.

The evening ended after a Q&A session for the community members to express their opinions, questions and concerns about kidney donation.

Written by Noor Al Kaabi

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