Bringing Our Research to Italy at the EAPM 2018 Conference

Dmitri Belenko, Dr. Istvan Mucsi, Aarushi Bansal, Oladapo Ekundayo, and Evan Tang at the EAPM 2018

From June 27-30, members from our research group, including Dr. Istvan Mucsi, Aarushi Bansal, Dmitri Belenko, Evan Tang, and Oladapo Ekundayo, attended the 6th annual conference hosted by the European Association of Psychosomatic Medicine (EAPM). Held in Verona, Italy, it was the largest EAPM conference to date, with 600 attendees from 45 different countries conversing over symposia, workshops, poster presentations, lectures and more. This year’s conference focused on innovative advancements to an integrated biopsychosocial approach to health.

To this academic arena, our group contributed a total of seven presentations, with four oral presentations and three posters. Our topics ranged from patient education and informed decision-making to the use of patient reported outcome measures (all presentations listed below), attracting great attendance at Aarushi and Dmitri’s oral presentations and winning Oladapo Ekundayo the EAPM Travel Award for his work titled: Patient reported Outcome Measures Information System (PROMIS) domains explain a large portion of variance in QOL in advanced CKD.
This conference was a novel environment for our team to present our research work. Its non-transplant scope meant that our research on psychosocial outcomes in kidney transplant could be discussed in broader, interdisciplinary circles. Moreover, its holistic, integrative nature was informative for our approach to patient-focused research. We gained new insight on quantitative and qualitative approaches to studying psychosocial outcomes. With eagerness, we look forward to bringing home these insights and furthering our research.

Oral Presentations

Is kidney transplantation associated with reduced psychosocial distress among elderly with end-stage kidney disease?
Afsaneh Raissi, Nathaniel Edwards, Yu-Ying Liao, Farzad Khalafi, Amira Abdalla, Jing Zhang, Istvan Mucsi, Madeline Li, and Marta Novak

Accuracy of the PROMIS-57 questionnaire to identify significant depressive and anxiety symptoms among patients on hemodialysis
Aarushi Bansal, Oladapo Ekundayo, Allen Xu, Siyun Li, Evan Tang, Madeline Li, Istvan Mucsi, Marta Novak

Patient reported Outcome Measures Information System (PROMIS) domains explain a large portion of variance in QOL in advanced CKD
Oladapo Ekundayo, Nathaniel Edwards, Aarushi Bansal, Abeera Ali, Evan Tang, Vernon Li, Allen Xu, Madeline Li, Marta Novak, Istvan Mucsi

Supporting informed treatment decisions: Educating patients about kidney transplant using the Explore Transplant Ontario Program
Dmitri Belenko, Candice Richardson, Vardaan Gupta, Tibyan Ahmed, Nathaniel Edwards, Marta Novak, John Devin Peipert, Amy Waterman, Istvan Mucsi

Poster Presentations

Psychosocial distress, ethnicity and immigrant status in ESKD patients
First Author: Navneet Singh

Validation of the PROMIS-57 and PROMIS-29 in kidney transplant recipients
Evan Tang, Aarushi Bansal, Oladapo Ekundayo, Nathaniel, Edwards, Madeline Li, Marta Novak, Istvan Mucsi

Cultural and religious factors in accessing living donor kidney transplant (LDKT) – the case of South Asian and Muslim Canadians
Abeera Ali, Ali Ayub, Candice Richardson, Nathaniel Edwards, Tibyan Ahmed, Marta Novak, Istvan Mucsi

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