Amar Karma “Give a Heart”

Amar Karma “Give a Heart”

The Give a Heart gala is an annual event hosted by the Amar Karma Health & Wellness Awareness Network to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a more meaningful way – by raising awareness of organ and tissue donation. KHERG was honoured to be in attendance at the 10th Give a Heart gala, held on February 1st, 2020. Dr. Istvan Mucsi gave a brief speech on the importance of organ donation to set the stage for the ultimate goal of the gathering.

Along with delicious food, talented dancers, and soulful singers, the audience was engaged by a group of youth advocates who each had a chance to speak about health topics that mattered most to them.

The evening saw multiple new people registering their consent to become organ donors, giving an uplifting end to an empowering night.

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