ABOUT FOR PATIENTS - Trustworthy educational material on chronic kidney disease


Our research group focuses on enhancing kidney health, advancing collaborative care, and empowering communities through our research. We understand that it can be hard to find credible information about health and disease on the internet, which can sometimes lead to more confusion and uncertainty. We also understand that you or your loved ones may have unanswered questions or uncomfortable questions. At the Kidney Health Education and Research Group, we want to help you by providing you with reliable educational material that has been curated by professionals and researchers in kidney and mental health.

These include a range of materials (i.e. videos, brochures, books) on chronic kidney disease, transplant, and mental wellness that are accessible, trustworthy, and available in multiple languages. Our collection of resources can assist you with better managing your disease and gaining a better understanding of all the factors involved.


As a patient with chronic kidney disease, you may be experiencing a variety of symptoms and have questions about your health. We’ve gathered resources on different topics to help you learn about and navigate through your chronic kidney disease.

Chronic Kidney Disease

Chronic kidney disease is the progressive loss of kidney function and includes different types of kidney diseases. Here, we provide general information about the condition and how to care for your kidneys.

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Transplant and Donation

Kidney transplant is a renal replacement therapy with long-term benefits.

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Mental Wellness

Mental health is important to consider with the effects that chronic disease can have on your lifestyle. Here, we provide a range of resources that support your mental health.

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Sleep disturbances are commonly experienced with chronic kidney disease. Here, we provide information about sleep and strategies to overcome troubled sleep.

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Physical Activity