Presenting at the American Transplant Congress 2018

On June 6, the American Transplant Congress (ATC) concluded in Seattle, Washington. Hosted by the American Society of Transplant Surgeons (ASTS) & American Society of Transplantation (AST), the ATC is a global-scale arena where frontline transplant professionals and scientists exchange the newest scientific and clinical research about organ and tissue transplantation, associated socioeconomic, ethical, and regulatory issues, and patient care. Dr. Istvan Mucsi, Dmitri Belenko, Afsaneh Raissi, Aarushi Bansal, Martha Pokarowski, Evan Tang, Vardaan Gupta, Abeera Ali represented our group, with the former four attending, delivering a grand total of eight presentations at this four daylong conference.
Both our oral and poster presentations generated great interest and many discussions with people across institutions. With topics ranging from age and ethnicity as factors in living donor kidney transplantation to the use of the Explore Transplant Ontario program (see below for full list), our team was honored to present our findings and contribute to the growing field.
And based on this conference, transplantation is truly a growing and evolving field. Alongside breakthroughs in genetics and artificial intelligence is a maturing focus on patient-focused care, education, and facilitating access to this life-saving treatment. Clinician scientists are getting involved in public policy, economic impact and psychosocial domains of care in a manner that is unique in medicine – making transplantation a truly holistic practice. We were not only honored to present, but also encouraged by the support received from the research community present and ATC organizers.

Oral Presentations

Is Age a Potential Barrier to Pursuing Living Donor Kidney Transplant (LDKT)?
Raissi, A., Edwards, N., Liao, Y., Belenko, D., Singh, N., Khalid, M., Toews, D., & Mucsi, I.
Presented by Afsaneh Raissi
Using the Explore Transplant Ontario to increase transplant knowledge and readiness among patients on maintenance dialysis
Belenko, D., Richardson, C., Gupta, V., Ahmed, T., Edwards, N., Novak, M., Peipert, J.D., Waterman, A., Mucsi, I.
Presented by Dmitri Belenko


Poster Presentations

Attitudes of African Canadian Patients with End Stage Kidney Disease Toward Living Donor Kidney Transplantation
Gupta, V., Richardson, C., Belenko, D., Singh, N., Xu, A., Thiagalingam, P., Wong, D., Ford, H., Novak, M., & Mucsi, I.
Evaluating PROMIS-57 Domains To Screen For Anxiety And Depression Using Legacy Instruments Among Kidney Transplant Recipients
Bansal, A., Ekundayo, O., Tang, E., Khalafi, F., Ford, H., Li, M., Novak, M., & Mucsi, I.
South Asian and Muslim Canadian Patients Are Less Likely to Receive Living Donor Kidney Transplant Offers Compared to Caucasian, Non-Muslim Patients
Ali, A., Ayub, A., Richardson, C., Edwards, N., Ahmed, T., Novak, M., & Mucsi, I.
Taking Specific Steps to Pursue Living Donor Kidney Transplant is Associated with Greater Odds of Having a Potential Living Donor Identified
Ali, A., Toews, D., Singh, N., Ayub, A., Richardson, C., Dano, S., Wong, D., Peipert, J.D., Waterman, A., Novak, M., & Mucsi, I.
Validation of PROMIS-57 and PROMIS-29 questionnaires in kidney transplant recipients
Tang, E., Bansal, A., Ekundayo, O., Edwards, N., Li, M., Novak, M., & Mucsi, I.
Validation of the Edmonton Symptom Assessment System in kidney transplant recipients
Pokarowski, M., Dano, S., Abdalla, A., Khalid, M., Ekundayo, O., Liao, Y., Edwards, N., & Mucsi, I.

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