Masjid Toronto Organ Transplant Event – November 2017

Imam Wael Shehab, Dr. Walele, and Dr. Mucsi

To raise awareness about Islamic views on organ donation and transplant, Masjid Toronto hosted a series of presentations for the congregation following evening prayers on Friday, November 24, 2017. Dr. Istvan Mucsi of the Kidney Health Education and Research Group had the privilege of being invited to talk about our group’s research on ethnic disparities in accessing kidney transplantation. The following individuals spoke at the event as well and responded to questions from the audience:

  • Imam Dr. Wael Shehab, who currently serves as the resident imam and scholar of Masjid Toronto and explained Islamic jurisprudence and scripture supporting organ donation and transplant
  • Dr. Abdul Aziz Walele, a nephrologist from William Osler Health System in Brampton, who spoke to the audience about the impact of chronic and end-stage kidney disease
  • Dr. Faizan Amin, a transplant cardiologist at University Health Network and an intensive care specialist from McMaster University

Ms. Zainab Zafar also spoke about the profound impact of polycystic kidney disease, an inherited form of chronic kidney disease, on two of her family members, both of whom require dialysis treatments to survive.
The evening concluded with an engaging discussion session, with the congregants asking the speakers thoughtful questions about diverse topics such as the treatment of kidney disease, end-of-life healthcare and decision making, brain death versus cardiac death, scriptural support for organ donation/transplant, and so on.

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