EAPM Conference (Barcelona) – June 2017

Banner from the EAPM 2017 conference

At the 2017 Scientific Conference of the European Association of Psychosomatic Medicine in vibrant Barcelona, Spain, the Kidney Health Education and Research Group was proudly represented by three team members. Sarah Cao, Franz Marie Gumabay, and Dr. Istvan Mucsi attended the conference, and on June 29 and 30 our group presented the following five abstract posters:

Ethnicity and Transplant Knowledge among Canadian ESKD Patients
Mucsi E., Wong D., Ford H., Gupta V., Lok C., Nesrallah G., Peipert J., Richardson C., Waterman A., Novak M., Mucsi I.
Psychosocial distress in chronic kidney disease: Benefits of kidney transplantation
Richardson C., Belenko D., Mucsi E., Edwards N., Wong D., Novak M., Li M., Mucsi I.
African Canadian dialysis patients are less likely to have a potential living donor identified compared to Caucasians
Cao S., Bei K.F., Ford H., Kwok M., Peipert J.D., Richardson C., Wong D., Waterman A.D., Novak M., Mucsi I.
Pre-Transplant Mental Health Disorders and Non-Adherence and Post-Transplant Outcomes in Kidney Transplant Recipients
Gumabay F.M., Novak M., Famure O., Kim S.J., Mucsi I.
Validation of the PROMIS-57 Quality of Life Questionnaire in Kidney Transplant Recipients – Preliminary Results
Bansal A., Belenko D., Mucsi E., Edwards N., Tang E., Li M., Novak M., Mucsi I

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