CST Conference October 2016

CST Conference October 2016

Eight members of the Kidney Health Education and Research Group attended the “2016 Canadian Society of Transplantation, Canadian National Transplant Research Program, Société Québécoise de Transplantation Joint Scientific Meeting” from October 13 to 16, 2016 in Québec City, Québec.

Attendees included: Aarushi Bansal, Candice Richardson, Dmitri Belenko, Dorothy Wong, Evan Tang, Franz Marie Gumabay, Sarah Cao, and Dr. Istvan Mucsi.
After a ten hour road trip starting at Toronto General Hospital, the team arrived at the Hilton Québec—the CST-CNTRP-SQT Joint Scientific Meeting venue. Throughout the weekend the team attended conference sessions, seminars, and workgroup meetings focused on the topic of transplantation. Seminars were presented and moderated by renowned Canadian and international healthcare professionals, who practice within the scope of transplantation.
The group attended sessions on topics including: optimizing strategies for antibody monitoring post-transplant, cannabis use in transplantation, helping patients and families manage complex medication regimes, organ allocation, effectively utilizing organs from marginal donors, generic immunosuppression, and family veto of consent for deceased donation.
The CST-CNTRP-SQT Joint Scientific Meeting was an amazing educational and learning opportunity that allowed the team to showcase their ongoing research in the area of psychonephrology. This experience would not have been possible without the generous support and guidance of Dr. Istvan Mucsi and Dr. Marta Novak!
At the conference, the team presented 7 research posters over four posters sessions held on Friday October 14th, and 1 oral presentation on Sunday October 16th.

Oral Presentation

Pre-Transplant Mental Health Disorders, Non-Adherence and Post-Transplant Outcomes in Kidney Transplant Recipients
Franz Marie Gumabay, Marta Novak, Olusegun Famure, Joseph Kim, Istvan Mucsi

Poster Presentations

Psychosocial distress in kidney transplant recipients – a pilot study.
Dmitri Belenko, Candice Richardson, Dorothy Wong, Amanda Sissons, Evan Tang, Heather Ford, Madeline Li, Marta Novak, Istvan Mucsi

Is transplant knowledge associated with readiness to pursue kidney transplant? A pilot study.
Shen Cao, Aarushi Bansal, Ke Fan Bei, Eszter C. Mucsi, Luca Ugenti, Eleanor Warsmann, Amy D. Waterman, Marta Novak, Istvan Mucsi
Exploring the use of a tablet computer-based electronic data capture system to assess patient reported measures among kidney transplant recipients: A pilot study
Dorothy Wong, Heather Ford, Luke S. Dingwell, Candice Richardson, Yalinie Kulandaivelu, Evan Tang, Nathaniel Edwards, Istvan Mucsi
Health Related Quality of Life of Deceased and Living Donor Kidney Transplant Recipients
Aarushi Bansal, Franz Marie Gumabay, Yanhong Li, Olusegun Famure, Joseph Kim, Istvan Mucsi
Lower Socio-Economic Status is Associated with Reduced Readiness to Pursue Living Donor Kidney Transplant: A Pilot Study
Luke S. Dingwell, Dorothy Wong, Heather Ford, Luca Ugenti, Dmitri Belenko, Yalinie Kulandaivelu, Eleanor Warsmann, Marta Novak, Amy D. Waterman, Istvan Mucsi
Prevalence and Risk Factors for Substance Use in Patients Undergoing Kidney Transplant Evaluation: A Canadian Perspective
Evan Tang, Aarushi Bansal, Franz Marie Gumabay, Yanhong Li, Olusegun Famure, Joseph Kim, Marta Novak, Daniel Buchman, Istvan Mucsi
Ethnicity and psychosocial distress among kidney transplant recipients
Candice Richardson, Dorothy Wong, Heather Ford, Shen Cao, Luca Ugenti, Amanda Sissons, Nathaniel Edwards, Marta Novak, Madeline Li, Istvan Mucsi

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