Chinese Kidney Guide Project


The Chinese Kidney Guide Project

To develop a culturally and linguistically competent educational guide to kidney transplantation for Chinese patients



End stage kidney disease (ESKD) is a potentially life threatening condition; patients who have ESKD need dialysis or kidney transplant (KT) to stay alive. Living donor kidney transplant is the best possible treatment for ESKD. Chinese Canadian patients with ESKD are much less likely to receive living donor kidney transplantation (LDKT) compared to Caucasian patients. Previous studies and our team’s results also show that ethnic inequities in accessing KT and LDKT do exist in Canada. Consequently, there is a great need to better understand the ethnocultural barriers that exist, and to apply this knowledge to developing culturally competent education tools in order to reduce ethnic inequalities in Canada. Studies have shown that tailored education improves KT knowledge and enhances access to KT and LDKT. However, current KT education materials in Ontario do not consider culture specific factors.

Chinese Kidney Guide

We will explore culture-related attitudes, beliefs and concerns about LDKT by conducting focus groups and interviews with Chinese-Canadians. We will also use focus groups and our current Explore Transplant Ontario education program to identify KT related information needs of Chinese-Canadians. We will engage patients, their families and the Chinese community to collect feedback on how to adapt this education program to specifically serve the needs of Chinese Canadians. We will then produce a culturally competent education guide in Mandarin and Cantonese Chinese to inform patients, families and the community about KT and LDKT. We will pilot test the guide among Chinese Canadian patients by assessing transplant knowledge and readiness before and after using the guide.

This project will be the first to assess and address ethnocultural barriers to KT among Chinese Canadian patients with ESKD and is an important step towards improved, culturally competent KT education in Ontario. We hope that our efforts will help reducing existing inequities in accessing the best available treatment for advanced kidney failure.

Recent Activity (2017)

  • Community survey: We are in the process of preparing a community survey to administer to Chinese Canadian patients with chronic kidney disease and to family members and friends who are closely involved with them, to find out about any concerns, issues and barriers patients are experiencing in relation to exploring KT as a treatment option.
  • Patient and professional advisory councils: We are networking with Chinese community organizations in order to bring together patient and professional advisory councils representing the concerns and interests of Chinese Canadian community members.
  • Focus groups: As part of our ongoing Barriers to Living Donor Kidney Transplantation study, our researchers are identifying Chinese Canadian participants to invite to participate in future focus groups that will be conducted in Cantonese and Mandarin.
  • Networking and publicity: Members of our research group were recently featured on OMNI Television Cantonese to speak about kidney health and transplantation. We continually seek collaboration and partnership with community organizations serving the needs of Chinese Canadians.


Current Kidney Health Guides in Chinese: 

BC Transplant             Diabetes UK                Kidney Education        Kidney Foundation of Canada



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