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Mucsi-Novak Group

Validation of the PROMIS-57. PROMIS-43 and PROMIS-29 Profile in Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease (UHN 15-9645-AE)

Patient-reported outcomes (PROs), such as symptoms, health- related quality of life (HRQOL), or satisfaction with care, are reported directly by the patient, without interpretation by the clinician or a family member/caregiver. These outcomes inform clinicians and researchers about patient’s challenges and sources of suffering, and they provide information that supplements “traditional” clinical outcomes, such as mortality or hospitalization. PROs are valued by patients, clinicians, and policy-makers. They inform therapeutic choices, disease management practices, reimbursement decisions, and health policy. Recently, the […]

Mucsi-Novak Group

Systematic screening guided management of psychosocial distress to reduce distress, to improve Health Related Quality of Life and to facilitate access to psychosocial care among patients with advanced chronic kidney disease

We are planning a study to test the following primary hypothesis: a systematic, screening guided management of psychosocial distress in patients with advanced chronic kidney disease (CKD) will reduce psychosocial distress and improve health related quality of life. Patients CKD experience a wide range of psychosocial stressors in relation to the intrusiveness of both their underlying medical condition and the intrusive nature of the renal replacement therapies, including maintenance dialysis. Clearly, these stressors also have an impact on the family […]