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Publications & Abstracts

Publications & Abstracts

Ethnic background is associated with no live kidney donor identified at the time of first transplant assessment—an opportunity missed? A single‐center retrospective cohort study
Ali Vedadi, Aarushi Bansal, Priscilla Yung, Olusegun Famure, Margot Mitchell, Amy D. Waterman, Sunita K. Singh, Marta Novak, Sang Joseph Kim, Istvan Mucsi
2019 Transplant International

Fatigue in Kidney Transplant Recipients and patients on Maintenance Dialysis – using the PROMIS-57 questionnaire
Sumaya Dano, Marta Novak, Istvan Mucsi
2019 Ethical, Legal and Psychosocial Aspects of Organ Transplantation

Accuracy of the PROMIS-57 depression and anxiety scales in kidney transplant recipients
Aarushi Bansal, Evan Tang, Farzad Khalafi, Heather Ford, Madeline Li, Marta Novak, Istvan Mucsi
2018 TTS

Taking Specific Steps to Pursue Living Donor Kidney Transplant is Associated with Greater Odds of Receiving a Living Donor Offer
Abeera Ali, Deanna Toews, Navneet Singh, Ali Ayub, Sarah Cao, Candice Richardson, Sumaya Dano, Punithan Thiagalingam, Marta Novak, Istvan Mucsi
2018 TTS

Preliminary Evidence for Structural Validity of the Patient Reported Outcomes MeasurementInformation System (PROMIS) Among Advanced Chronic Kidney Disease Patients
Yuelee Khoo, Paul F. Tremblay, Madeline Li, Marta Novak, Istvan Mucsi
2018 ICAP

Ethnic Differences in Illness Intrusiveness Among Patients with End Stage Kidney Disease
Marta Novak, Tibyan Ahmed, Nathaniel Edwards, Ali Ayub, Candice Richardson, Sumaya Dano, Maroof Khalid, Istvan Mucsi
2018 EAPM

Validation of PROMIS-57 and PROMIS-29 questionnaires in kidney transplant recipients
Evan Tang, Aarushi Bansal, Oladapo Ekundayo, Nathaniel Edwards, Madeline Li, Marta Novak, Istvan Mucsi
2018 EAPM

Patient Reported Outcomes Measurement Information Systems (PROMIS) Domains Explain A Large Proportion Of The Variance Of Quality Of Life In Patients With Advanced Chronic Kidney Disease
Oladapo Ekundayo, Nathaniel Edwards, Aarushi Bansal, Abeera Ali, EvanTang, Allen Xu, Punithan Thiagalingam, Marta Novak, Istvan Mucsi
2018 EAPM

Using the Edmonton Symptom Assessment System to estimate symptom burden and symptom severity in patients on dialysis and kidney transplant recipients
Martha Pokarowski, Sumaya Dano, Deanna Toews, Navneet Singh, Nathaniel Edwards, Maryam Omran, Marta Novak, Istvan Mucsi
2018 EAPM

Is Kidney Transplantation Associated with Reduced Psychosocial Distress Among Elderly with End-Stage Kidney Disease?
Afsaneh Raissi, Nathaniel Edwards, Yu-Ying Liao, Farzad Khalafi, Amira Abdalla, Jack Zhang, Istvan Mucsi, Madeline Li, Marta Novak
2018 EAPM