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Research Grants

Listening, Learning and Leading: Canadians Seeking Solutions and Innovations to Overcome Chronic Kidney Disease (Can-SOLVE CKD) CIHR-SPOR. 2016/1-2020/1
                  Co-investigator – Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) SPOR; Total Funding – 200,000                                              (Canadian dollar)
Reducing barriers to access kidney transplantation: implementing the “Explore Transplant” education program to increase patient knowledge and to facilitate informed decision making: – a pilot study. 2015/7 – 2017/7
                  Principal Applicant; Funding Sources: 2015/7 – 2017/7 Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term                                              Care Academic Funding Plan Innovation Funds ; Total Funding – 196,778 (Canadian dollar)
Start Up Grant 2014/5 – 2016/6
                  Principal Applicant – University Health Network (Toronto, ON) Multi Organ Transplant Total Funding –                                       80,000 (Canadian dollar)
Interaction between iron metabolism and FGF23  metabolism in patients with chronic kidney disease 2013-2015
                     Principal Investigator  – Department of Medicine, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec – 145,000.00 CAD –                             GRANT RETURNED AS I AM MOVING FROM MCGILL TO TORONTO
Exercise training program for kidney transplant recipients to improve physicalfunction and quality of life 2013 – 2014
                     Principal Investigator  – The Gustav Levinschi Foundation of the Royal Victoria Hospital, Montreal, Quebec –                         12,000 CAD
Kidney function, antiretroviral therapy and iron deficiency as potential determinants of fibroblast growth factor-23 levels in patients with HIV and hepatitis C virus co-infection Canadian Foundation for AIDS Research 2012-2013
                     Principal Investigator  25,000.00 CAD
The role of Apo-L1 gene and FGF23 in chronic kidney disease Department of Medicine, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec 2011-2013
                     Principal Investigator  50,000.00 CAD
Multinational, Prospective Cohort-Study in PatienTs with Type 2 Diabetes For Validation of  Biomarkers (SysKid-PROVALID)  European Comission FP7 Framework 2010-2015
                     Co-investigator 16 M Eur
Obstructive sleep apnoe and cardiovascular morbidity in patients with high cardiovascular risk Scientific Council of the Ministry of Health (ETT 206/09) 2009-2012
                     Principal Investigator  Cca. 24,000.000 CAD
    Genetic factors associated with the malnutrition-inflammation complex syndrome and with clinical outcome in kidney transplanted patients. Hungarian Society of Nephrology 2008
                      Principal Investigator  Ca. 2,500.00 CAD
    Association between obstructive sleep apnea syndrome and cardiovascular risk factors in patients with high baseline cardiovascular risk Hungarian Hypertension Society 2008
                     Principal Investigator Cca. 5,000.00 CAD
A longitudinal study of quality of life and depression in patients with chronic kidney disease through transition to dialysis Deans Fund, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto 2007-2010
                     Co-investigator (PI: Dr. M. Novak)    10,000.00 CAD
Association between cardiovascular morbidity and mortality, vascular calcification and bone metabolism in patients on maintenance hemodialysisScientific Council of the Ministry of Health (ETT 172/06) 2006-2009
                     Principal Investigator Cca. 15,000.00 CAD
Sleep, mood disorders and quality of life in patients after kidney transplantation Scientific Council of the Ministry of Health (ETT 218/03) 2003-2006
                    Co-investigator (PI: Dr. M. Novak)
Cell-cell and cell-matrix interactions in the regulation of epithelial-mesenchymal transformation National Scienticfic Research Funds (OTKA – T042651) 2003-2006
                    Principal Investigator
The Role of b-Catenin Signaling in Transforming Growth Factor-b (TGFb) induced Epithelial Myofibroblast Transdifferentiation in Tubular Cells TÉT Hungarian-Canadian Bilateral mobility grant  (CN-03/04) 2005-2006
                   Co-PI (with Dr. A. Kapus)
Signaling mechanisms regulating  epithelial-mesenchymal transition induced by transforming growth factor beta in renal tubular epithelial cells TÉT Hungarian-Finnish Bilateral mobility grant (SF-11/01) 2002-2003
                   Co-PI (with Dr. V-M. Kahari)
Analysis of signaling crosstalk in progressive renal fibrosis TÉT Hungarian-German Bilateral mobility grant (D-45/00) 2000-2001
                   Co-PI (with Dr. W. Vogel)
Native vitamin D3 supplementation and bone loss in chronically dialyzed patients Research Grant from the Semmelweis University 2000 – 2002
                   Principal Investigator
Sleep and mood disorders and quality of life in chronic kidney disease patients Scientific Council of the Ministry of Health (ETT 240/00) 2000 – 2002
                   Co-PI (with Dr. M. Novak)
Polymorphisms of TGF-beta and the vitamin D receptor in dialysis patients with renal osteodystrophy Scientific Council of the Ministry of Health (ETT 383/99) 1999 – 2000
                   Co-PI (with Dr. G. Speer)
Gene-polymorphisms in renal osteodystrophy Research Grant from the Hungaryian Kidney Foundation 1998 -2000
                   Principal Investigator
Intracellular signaling of transforming growth factor-beta Scientific Council of the Ministry of Health (ETT 129/98) 1998 – 1999
                   Co-PI (with Dr. M. Mozes)
Intracellular signaling of angiotensin II Scientific Council of the Ministry of Health (ETT 138/98) 1998 – 1999
                   Principal Investigator
Intracellular signaling of angiotensin II Research Grant from the Hungarian Society of Nephrology 1998
                   Principal Investigator
Intracellular signaling of  transforming growth factor beta and  angiotensin II National Scienticfic Research Funds (OTKA – T026223) 1997-2000
                   Principal Investigator
Serum markers of renal bone disease National Scienticfic Research Funds (OTKA – T022680) 1997-2000
                   Principal Investigator
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